Thursday, February 7, 2013

Do -- Writer's Poke #408

This week my heart felt like it wanted to rip open my chest and scream. I’ve been extremely angry, and the worst thing about anger is collateral damage. If anger could be controlled, it has the potential to be a very beneficial emotion. It all depends on where you direct your anger. Unfortunately, anger doesn’t usually work like a laser beam; it works more like a nuclear weapon.

What makes me angry? Nothing much new here. People make me angry; having too much trivial stuff to do make me angry. Not feeling good makes me angry. I can control my display of anger most of the time, but I’m not always good at dealing with the hidden anger inside. What I try to do is harness the power of anger so that I can be productive with what otherwise would be harmful negative energy.

Have I been successful this week? Somewhat. The challenge of life is sometimes just making it through the day without inflecting any damage– and that includes to yourself. I’m still standing, and for this week, maybe that means I’ve been successful.

I have a number of “big ideas” and “projects” floating around in my mind, but my time right now is limited. This week, I’ve simply moved forward on all of them. One step forward is better than nothing. I’m still angry that I don’t have time and energy to do more, but if I didn’t move at least one step forward: at best, my anger would dissolve into indifference, and at worst, it would try to hit the self-destruct button.

What makes you angry? How do you use your anger constructively?

“A man is as big as the things that make him angry.” –  Winston Churchill